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  • Colin Loughran - Director

    Here at Goldstar we’ve built a strong customer-focused team, our growth rate is very exciting and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier professionally. I love coming to work every day and I enjoy the team-spirit, the can-do attitude and the belief that we’re building something special. I’m passionate about our Goldstar vision, which is to become the best writing-instrument supplier in Europe in the eyes of our distribution partners. Outside work I relax by taking long walks with my two mini Jack Russell’s, but underneath it all I’m just a pen geek…

  • Susan Kieran - Senior Operations Manager

    I've been part of the Goldstar team since the beginning. I previously worked as a distributor with National Pen giving me 16+ years’ experience in the industry. It gives me great pleasure to be part of a company that has come so far in such a short space of time. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated and hard working group who will always give 110%. The friendly, bubbly atmosphere in the office always makes my day easier. When I'm not in the office, you'll either find me in one of two places; chasing sheep on the farm or sitting in my local pub, sipping on a cold beer! I also have a passion for cooking and even though my colleagues laugh at me, I also like to listen to a bit of country music, yee haa! #SimpleThingsInLife

  • Tanja Bruckl - Customer Service Team Leader

    What I enjoy most about working at Goldstar is the variety of work I am involved in on a daily basis. It is also a pleasure to come to work every day with the knowledge that your colleagues are the nicest bunch you can ask for and that the atmosphere within the team is brilliant. Outside of work I love catching up with my friends and family and going out for a nice meal every now and then. If I need a quiet moment for myself I love to roll out my exercise mat on the floor and do some yoga to relax. Namaste…

  • Ricardo Vieira - Sales Team Lead I love to do sports during my free times – Football and jogging. I try to spend the weekends with my friends playing board games while we are eating a pizza – I am a food lover. I love to travel and I have on my bucket list to visit all 47 mega cities around the world.
  • Emma Callan - Sales Account Manager

    I have worked in the promotional products industry for five years and since coming to Goldstar my passion for the industry has increased even more! It’s a fast-paced environment but we are a very strong knit team, which makes our work so much easier. On my downtime I enjoy travelling when I can, and when at home I love spending time with my four dogs and two goats. I also grow vegetables! 

  • Jason Lynch - Inside Sales Account Manager At the weekends I like to go out with my friends. I love nature and being outdoors, and go fishing quite often. Music is another big thing for me and I enjoy going to different clubs and concerts throughout the year. I am grateful to be part of the Goldstar team. The atmosphere is great and everyone on the team is really down to earth. 
  • Edel Sharkey - Inside Sales Account Manager I have recently join the UK Goldstar Team as an Inside Sales Account Manager. The role is fast paced and every day is different. The Goldstar team are a great bunch of people to work alongside. In my spare time I like to relax with my family and enjoy socialising with friends. I love to travel and try to squeeze in as many city breaks a year as possible.
  • Claudia Gentile: Key Account Manager

    I’ve been working in the promotional products industry for the last 5 years and I’m very proud to be part of the Goldstar family as Key Account Manager.

    Here every day is different and every day I get the chance to learn something new.

    I love the atmosphere in the team because we work hard to deliver the best service to our customers but we also find time for a good laugh.

    When not at work, I travel around Europe: I have visited 21 countries in the past two years and only have a few left.  Apart from that my passion is my family, so between my many trips, I try to go back to Italy a couple of times per year and spend good time with them.

  • Kieran Reynolds – Graphic Designer My job is to be creative, problem-solve and ‘think outside the box’. When I’m not in ‘Design mode’ I’m a Drum playing, Darts loving, Art doodling, History craving, Motorbike grunting nut.
  • Peggy Mc Donald – Digital Marketing Coordinator


    Having joined Goldstar in April 2018, I have been welcomed with open arms into a unique and dynamic team with great characters and leaders. I really enjoy the creative aspect of my role - every day is different at Goldstar and I never get bored. Outside work, I love spending quality time with my husband, swimming to unwind and be with my family and friends. I also have a keen interest in Acupuncture and a real passion for travelling and discovering new places - it broadens the mind!

  • Anne Murphy – Credit and Collections My name is Anne – I work for the Goldstar team in Credit and Collections. My job is to help resolve any accounting issues that you may have and to make sure that you pay your invoices on time!:) I enjoy the contact I have with our customers. It is also great working with a very dynamic, innovative and progressive team. Outside of work my passion is travelling, music and dancing and food! As my family say I spend more time in the air than on the ground! A good glass of red wine and a nice meal never goes amiss either!
  • Richard Durkin: IT Manager Hi, I'm Richard, I'm responsible for all things IT in Goldstar.
  • Michael Kerley - Stock controller After nearly 4 years working here I can honestly say I still enjoy coming to work every day, working with my colleagues in a happy go-lucky environment. My claim to fame is I once won a scratch card on the lottery, and chuck Norris rang me for advice on stock controlling. My hobbies are drinking a glass of wine, going to the gym and drinking a glass of wine.
  • Paddy Monahan - Logistics Coordinator My work never gets boring due to the variety of tasks and challenges I have. I believe we are all on the same team and should be working together. My motto is "If you're not part of the Solution, you're part of the Problem". Out of work I spend more time with dogs than people while volunteering for Dundalk Dog Rescue. A dog is the only creature on earth that will love you more than it loves itself.

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